Friday, April 24, 2020

Gas prices during a national emergency

Circle K gas station, Hwy 87 and Buffalo Creek Rd, Sanford, NC. Picture taken 4-20-2020.

I was talking to Aunt R about conditions where she lived, and one of the things we compared was gas prices. I live in a suburban/rural area, she lives near a major metropolis. I'm on the East coast, she's in the Midwest. I drive to get groceries once a week (I used to wish for a day when I wouldn't have to drive careful what you wish for) and she is driving to work everyday. It's very different situations, but one thing's the same; gas prices have dropped dramatically.

At the beginning of March, the US average price was about $2.40 a gallon( Accessed 4-24-2020). That had already dipped due to concern about Russia and Saudi Arabia petroleum producers ( Accessed 4-24-2020). By March 30, the national average gas price had dropped to $2.00 ( accessed 4-24-2020), and it's stayed at about that level ever since. I was going to make a joke about it being a really long time since gas prices were that cheap, but it's not really true. The last time prices were this low was in from Dec 2015 (after the November attacks on Paris by ISIS) to March 2016, and before that December 2008 (Auto industry crisis) to March 2009, and before that, March 2005 was when it became normal for gas to be above $2 a gallon. So it's only (only!) been about 15 years since it was normal for gas to be under $2.
And, as I'm intending to blog both about the covid-19 pandemic and more about knitting, I need to put the obligatory bit about the toilet paper. Before this started I had a normal, sufficient amount for our family, which is a pack of 36 rolls. I haven't bought any more since, but we're getting low, and I've been looking for a source. I checked several stores today (Automatic doors are really nice when you're trying not to touch anything) and finally found some at Dollar General. It's cheap, basic, and only in a four-pack, but I'm glad I could find any.

Best presents

Wildflower bouquet, from the littelest girl. Thank you Sweetie!

Thursday, July 04, 2019

The girls and I had an overnight trip to watch Whisper of the Heart, an old movie from Studio Ghibli films. I wish more of these movies were closer to us, but, we don't do this very often.

 And what did we find while I was browsing? An old Farmall Cub. It was very clean and shiny, but Gloria went "Ew! Tractors stink!"

This I also found. The middle knob was about an inch across, and the store was using it to hang clothes on. It's unusual to find something that was made in Thailand, in the American South.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Beautiful weeds

(Note: This was written several months ago)

The girls' school is thirty minutes away, through country and farming land, and I pay attention to the crops. There was a few wheat fields early in the year, corn early in the summer, tobacco is almost all harvested now, and soybeans (and possibly peanuts) are still in the fields. 

But in the ditches, weeds are growing. A tangle of vines, that I didn't notice until they started blooming this week. Morning glories. Beautiful, big morning glories. 

They are in purple and pink, and I saw one patch of white flowers. These are different than bind weed -- I saw one patch of that, too, with its little white flowers.

We have weeks until frost is expected. I hope they keep blooming until then.

(They did keep blooming. Even better, I had wild morning glories sprout up in my garden bed. They grew on the trellis (cough, cough, dead sunflowers) all the way up to the deck. Beauthiful!)

Top-down sock cast-on

I'm really not very adventurous with my knitting. I use long-tail cast-on, judy's magic cast-on, knitted cast-off, and the sewn cast-off. Over and over, unless I run into a pattern that uses something different. But, this morning I decided to try something else.

I've been trying to make a pair of socks for Little Fishie, from the yarn left over from a pair I knitted for me. And since I've cast on for these socks about five times already, I am so bored of the long-tailed cast-on. I browsed the internet, asking questions. "What's a stretchy cast-on?" "Best cast-on for socks?" "cast-on for top-down socks" The internet replied, "German Twisted Cast-On"

I did look at a few different pages for instructions, but this is the one I followed. It has a mix of words and photographs for its instructions. If you like videos instead, Jimmy Bean's has one here.