Friday, December 19, 2008

5 days until Christmas!

Well, my blog doesn't look like much knitting has been happening, does it? However, I have been knitting. And, I've finished the knitting for the Big Grey Blob sweater! Yay!

If you've seen me knitting on it Panera's, you have probably heard me say that I hate it. I hated knitting on it, it went on forever (I started last December. yes, in 2007), it hurt my hands...but it turned out very pretty. Sometimes, I design like that; I start with an idea, and by hell or high water, I'm going to make it work. (okay, and sometimes it just winds up in the frog pond, but i try to forget about those.) I think the recipient will like it, and that's what counts, right? (and if she doesn't want to wear it, I'm taking it back again. This sucker isn't ever going to Goodwill.)

I finished knitting. I'm still working the ends in, and I need to get buttons to put on it, and then, it will be completely done. Even bigger yays!

all pictures will be posted after Christmas, after the intended recipients have recieved their goodies. :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

more Little G facts

Have I mentioned that Little G is almost walking? She's been cruising around the furniture for some time now (almost 3 months) but lately she's been improving. She'll let go of the couch, and stand on her own, and clap her hands with a big grin. Or when someone puts her down on the floor, she'll stand there, and take 2/3/4 steps before she bumps down to the floor. You go Girl!

Guess what I did yesterday? Baked cookies!

Our La Leche League group was supposed to (cancelled on account of ice) have a cookie swap today, for the holidays. I made Gingerbread Men, although the weren't quite traditional. I didn't have any white frosting made up, so Big J kindly allowed me to use the black frosting that he had bought to make a panda bear cake (Big J and Little J are planning on making a
panda bear rice krispies cake. It's all THEIR project, i swear). They have little black eyes and smiley mouths,
and redhots for their buttons.

This morning, I gave the Littlest Girl one of the undecorated gingerbread. She's been gnawing on it, on and off this morning, and she seems to like it.'s hard enough that big pieces don't break off, but she's making an incredible mess with slobbery
gingerbread crumbs...

I like making cookies, but with the little kids, it's hard to find enough time when I'm not holding/changing/watching a kidlet to be in the kitchen :( (hmm...wonder if an electric mixer would help? hmm...) However, the cookie swap was a big incentive to make cookies, and additionally, Big J picked up some refrigerated sugar cookie dough at the grocery store, so we're going to make that tonight. (I have a few different gingerbread men cookie cutters, and then I have Halloween cookie cutters. No Christmas ones. Big J says just use the Halloween ones, and "make Nightmare Before Christmas cookies" LOL!) So, we may have cookies on my cookie platter until after Christmas, which may be bad for our waistline, but it's really pretty!

The pictures to the right ----->
are the cookies I put on the table today. The ones in the middle are imported German soft gingerbread that I found at the Commissary, the ones on the right are the large size gingerbread men, and the ones on the left are the little gingerbread boys made with the littlest cookie cutter of my gingerbread imp set.

Speaking of imps, Little J was sitting at the table when everyone else was out of the room, just looking at the cookies. When I came back, several of the cookies were missing their eyes. He had been swiping off the icing and eating it!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I don't know if it's Christmas, Big J, or the little ones, but something is sucking up all of my time. We'll start eliminating things, and see what happens!

In other news, Little G has four teeth now! The two on the bottom, and now two on top.

We went to get Little J's Christmas presents out of hock (layaway) and Big J and I wound up stuck in traffic, from everyone leavinhg the Colts' game. Never again! It took twice as long as it should have to get home, and it was all the time we spent reaching the highway. I wonder if the Colts won?

knitting is proceding, if not apace, then at least plodding. Something will be done at Christmas, and we (royal we? who, me?) will photo said knitting on the recipients. Along with the knitting needles and skeins of yarn, if necessary.