Friday, April 10, 2015

Little V's souvenir

V choose a puzzle for her souvenir at the Hawaiian National Parks.
Big J and the girls and I put it together today. Difficult, lots of blue green pieces.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

What did you do today?

This morning I've learned about a bar with owls that is supposed to be opening in London (some commenters thought it was a scam), the official UK barn owl Society, Jesus-is-a-marshmallow rolls, and a Korean skin care commercial.

I lead a rich and varied internet life...

Monday, February 16, 2015

From soccer season...

Remember when it was warm outside? I had wrote this post, and then forgot to publish it! My bad.
The littlest has picked up a lot from watching her older brother and sister. But I realized, she thinks she should stand with one foot on the ball whenever she stops. And the ball is all the way up to her knee!

Newest tea at the commissary

O'Sulloc is a Korean tea company that the commissary here carries. Usually there's only two varieties, but I spotted a new box the last time I was in.
This is called "Memory in Jeju", and the description is Jeju Camellia flower blending tea. Jeju is an island art the southern tip of Korea, with a semi-tropical climate, where a lot of Koreans take vacations. The family and I went last summer, so we could visit a beach...and it rained a lot of the time. But I did get to visit the O'Sulloc tea plantation and the museum and tea shop there.

"Memory in Jeju" is very floral smelling. In the tea bag along with the black tea are tiny chunks of dried pineapple, flower petals, and a few sugar konpeito crystals.

When brewed, the tea is light-colored, mild-tasting, with a much lighter floral fragrance, but the fragrance persists to the third brewing. (yes, I reuse my tea bag.) I'm saving it for special occasions, but I like it very much.

(I have a feeling this reads like a non-native English speaker. I don't know why, English is my first language, really, I swear! Isn't it funny when that happens?)