Sunday, March 29, 2009

On the road again

Anybody know of a group with two turquoise tour buses, with license plates out of Johnson County Kansas, that was in Illinois on Saturday? They passed me on the highway, and they were really booking it. DEFINITELY going faster than the speed limit for large vehicles.

On Friday when we were packing, I was doing a quick repair job with superglue, and the tube burst all over me, and all over the counter. I didn't get stuck to anything, and I used fingernail-polish-remover to get most of it off the counter, but I'll need to pick up some acetone to take the tagends off. I hope!

What are we doing this weekend? i can't remember if I told the blog that we're traveling for Little Sister's spring break. Yep, we travelled from OldBurg, to NewVille, and we're going to be house hunting and visiting relatives. What fun! we get to explore and be as curious as we like.

The kiddos had a great time at AuntR's and UncleD's. They had new toys, and people to talk to, and tv to watch...but why is it that anytime we visit anyone, at least one thing is broken? Yep, I feel badly about it :(

Tonight, and the next couple of days, we're staying at a B&B in NewVille. It's a little 2bedroom house that we have to ourselves, and its very very nice. (even with the goldfish crackers all over the floor) I'm hoping that the kiddos will fall asleep early tonight, and I'll get a chance to knit.

Of course I brought knitting along! I have the Little Flower Jacket, that I'd like to finish for Easter (2 weeks left, i know), the watermelon socks, and a ball of laceweight I'd like to start. Unfortunately, since I'm doing the driving (24hrs total on this trip between locations) i don't get to knit while driving.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New glasses!

I always love getting new glasses (I hate picking them out, but that's a whole different issue). There's the wonderfullness of being able to see better, the snazzy new frames, the shock when I look in a mirror and go "Is that really me?

baby insisted on helping with the computer and webcam. Isn't it wonderful, my child is so technologically advanced...yeah, right :)

I know I haven't posted about knitting this space for further details.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cookie Monster x 2

This made my day: Little J told Little Girl "you can have a little bite of cookie." Little G grabs cookie and run away! The boy chases after the baby, tackles her, and wrestles the cookie away again. lol! we need more cookies :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Personal assistant looking for position

If there's a superstar out there who needs an assistant, I could be paid a fortune for doing what I do for my family. Really! Today was busy, because I needed to do a whole list of things that I had been putting off. Mostly, things for when we (the kids and i) go househunting. Next weekend is Little Sister's Spring Break, and even though Big J can't come help, we're going to go look, visit the relatives a bit, and do some major driving. On the list of things to do were make sure we have hotel reservations, that the relatives don't have anything else planned ;) make sure all the pets will be taken care of while we're gone, and a few other odds and ends. And, everything needed to be done in addition to the normal chores of taking care of the small kids: diapers, potty, meals & snacks, exercise (run around the house like crazy).

I'm still waiting for the mortgage people to get back to me. I'd like to get preapproval done before we go looking, but it's not urgent. We're going to be going out there again with Big J in May, too.

And, thank goodness for the knitters at Panera's. It was a nice evening, and I had a good time. Relaxation time for me! I took along my Clessidra stocking (maybe I'll put the single sock up as art?) because it makes a much better KIP project than Gloria's jacket. I want to get that jacket done in time for Easter, so I have two's going along during Spring Break, and we'll see what happens.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

long time, no see?

yes, sorry :( acting as a single mom has been...well, time-consuming. And I'm afraid blogging is low priority.

What inspired me to post today, was Little Sister's home ec (they don't call it that anymore, but that's what it is) project for the weekend. She brought home a robotic baby doll. It crys, it needs its diaper changed, it has to be burped...and it's much much work than a real baby!

Muhahaha!! It's wrong of me, but it amuses me so much to have her taking full time care of that doll. Maybe she'll realize how much work I have to do during the day with two little ones...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

First birthday

First birthday
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Happy Birthday Little Girl! I hope it was a good one! love, mummum