Monday, March 22, 2010

knitting and birthdays

Aren't they cute? but this isn't only for cuteness' sake, but to show that yes, I have been knitting. Look on their feet. Slippers! fuzzy felted goodness :) These were finished back in February, and then the kiddos asked me to put pompoms on to it. well, first I put pompoms on the toes of Little G's slippers, then Little J asked for pompoms too.

I've been knitting a little since then. I get the most done on the nights I go to the local knitting group at the library, as I have two whole hours to myself to knit! I'm working on two, no three, projects right now. A little shrug for Gloria, that I hope to have done before Easter, a warm-weather sweater for me, and socks for Gloria.

And here here's a close up of the slippers:

More recently, Little G had her birthday! yes, the little girl is two whole years old. I've promised people the videos from her birthday, and while I haven't sent them yet (oops!) I loaded them to flickr today.

and one last cuteness picture. My little girl, wearing her mommy's apron.