Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What are they doing to their teeth?

New York Times article

The newest tech in dental scanners is very much a gourmet treat for dentists - it's fast, it's detailed, and the manufacturing companies are pushing it like candy. But CT-cone scanners use higher radiation levels than the best film methods, and comparable (although more time-consumptive) methods of 3D imaging with a little camera do not expose children to ANY radiation.

I think I'll have to watch out for this at the dentist (mine used film - even with the little kids) because any effects will not be seen for many years. Radiation exposure is cumulative, and i hate to think what it's doing to the rapidly growing cells in children's tooth buds. :(

(don't even get me started about the new scanners in the airports....i fully expect me and the little kids to be getting pat downs the next time we fly.)