Thursday, March 29, 2012

Today, and blogging

After we dropped Gloria off at preschool, Vicky and I walked over to the church for Mass. St. Casimir's, next-door to the preschool, has Mass on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and I try to go when I'm not running around trying to finish my errand list. Church was normal, same-as-usual, until the end, when the priest asked those attending to help replace the missals in the pews with the new edition. Wow! It looked like an ant nest. (one that was kicked over, not a happy ant nest, that is) There were twenty or thirty people, and almost all of them were able to help. I did two pews worth myself, while Vicky sat in the pew with her book (the Catholic Bible Story lift-the-flap board book that a nice relative gave us a few years ago) watching in bemusement. It was fast, and it was nice, because everybody was smiling as they worked.

Nutella and o.j. isn't the most nutritious breakfast, but at 10:25, when I had 10 minutes for breakfast before I left to pick up Gloria from preschool, it was the fastest thing I could find. At least, I didn't eat Nutella straight from the jar. It went on to two slices of 100% whole wheat bread(storebought :( ) aside of my hardboiled egg.

I do need to find somethings that are fast and easy for me to eat in the morning, preferably things that can be eaten in the car. Make egg burritos in advance? Sausage links wrapped in pancakes? Maybe so.

My list of things to do is a little longer today, because I ran across Knit and Crochet blog week. It seems to be a commitment to blog on certain topics each day of that week. I can do that (just set my brain on autopilot, and turn off the filters...) but before I do, I need to blog the completed projects. Little J's stripey sweater, my triangle headscarf, and Little G's socks.  So, look for posts on those coming soon.