Thursday, January 05, 2006

Binkies, dummies, and pacifiers

It was to help Jaiden on our 8 hour car drives over the holidays. He would have a pacifier to chew on, and the rest of us in the car would have less crying to endure. And, after the holidays, he wouldn't need it anymore, and it could be given away.

Well, it did help on our trips. He was happier, more content, and we were less stressed.

I managed to finish three presents on the way to Kansas: wristwarmers for Aunt R., and mittens for my neice and nephew. Yay me! but bad me for leaving them until the last minute.

However, once we got home...things began to deviate from plans. Jaiden likes his pacifier. Very much so. So much, in fact, that he wants it to chew on before bed, He wants to fall asleep sucking on it. (While still nuzzling up to my breast.) And if I don't let him have it, he dosen't fall asleep. Which is almost worse than crying, The crying eventually stops and he falls asleep, after all.

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Marigold said...

Jaiden's gotten over the pacifier. Mosly. When he wants it now, it's to hold on to in his grabby little hands, or to chew on in ways it was not meant to be chewed upon. But he's happy!