Thursday, February 12, 2009

traveling again

It's the night before we leave for Washington DC, and what am I doing? winding yarn into a ball (by hand. I'm ready to sell my soul for a ball-winder and swift) so that I have something to knit on the trip. During the trip. whenever I find a minute to knit, maybe?

I picked up a skein of yarn while I was in Bloomington. We only hit one yarn store, because I was getting tired (the little kids are HEAVY!) but, the watermelon self-striping sock yarn caught my fancy. It's a cute yarn, and although I'm not sure I want to wear watermelon socks, I do want to knit with it. :D I'm sure Little Sister would like a pair of socks...

So, why are we going to Washington? Well, Big J is taking classes near there, and, since Little Sister was supposed to have a 4 day weekend (she doesn't, because school was cancelled due to snow a few weeks back) we planned that we could go and visit him. And sightsee! I've been to Washington before, when I was in college, but it is such a great town for museums and such. I've printed out info on the National Museum of National History (Smithsonian), the Lincoln Monument, the WWII memorial, the National Zoological Park, the National Aquarium...all those "National" things, it just sends happy thrills down my little heart! I'm a tourist at heart, I like gawking, I like people-watching, and I love taking pictures (so why aren't there more pictures on my blog? err...hmm...because of babies?)

I've realized something today. I'm always worried that I'm going to forget something for a trip (I've forgotten my entire suitcase before. That was interesting) so lately I've taken to making exhaustive lists, so that I can check things off (and so I have something to stare at when my brain goes "there's something we're forgetting!") But, these lists are making me cranky and stressed, because the amount of things I need to do looks overwhelming. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it, but maybe I can try to be less cranky. Make less lists? Pack more in advance? I wonder how other people prepare for trips? I used to be less compulsive about it, when i only had myself to pack for. Now, with the kiddos, there's three other people who are going to suffer if I forget something. not that they seem to be suffering if I forget the ump-teenth bottle of lotion or shampoo...

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