Thursday, July 09, 2009

I love my knitting group

And I hate that I'm going to be leaving them soon. :( (is there an emoticon for big tear drops?) As much as i want to be in a new (not-falling-apart) house, I really really will miss everybody. Ms. C founded our knitting group in December 2006, I found it Feb 2007, and I've been at Panera's almost every Monday since then.

Everybody was so very nice last Monday, they had going-away presents for me.This first pic is travel toys for the kiddos - there were two teen magazines in there, too, but Little Sister already grabbed those.

Then, here's the other canvas tote, full of goodies for me.

I sorted it out into two pictures, so here we go...there's 5 dishcloths, 1 kitchen towel, 4 scrubies, 2 soap bottle dresses (these are so going into my kitchen, I never manage to make any for myself), and a sock yarn bag....

Then, here is a tea pot with Tazo tea (would you believe, I don't have any real teapots already?), a box of Good Earth Tea (I haven't tried this before, and it looks yummy), a mug with it's own cozy (and a flower!) two lacey bookmarks, and a little skein of yarn with a keychain that says its colorway is my name.

Oh gosh, I'm about to cry again. This is so nice of everybody....

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Kim said...

What an amazing knitting group you have. Sorry you have to leave them but I'm sure you'll find another one. Or better yet...start one! :)