Sunday, October 25, 2009

Familly weekend

First off, because almost all i've done this month with the blog is reject comments, is, Please, if you would like to leave a comment, write it in English. I know that I enjoy other people's blogs even when they don't write in my own language, but I don't speak other languages, and if I can't tell what the comment is saying, it isn't accepted. Sorry!

We had a nice weekend with a visit from my sister, SisterS, and her friend. We mostly hung out and played with the kiddos. They watched Little Sister's highschool football game (no, she doesn't play football. She's in the marching band) and all in all, i think everyone enjoyed the weekend. Little J didn't want them to leave, of course. He had people that would build block towers for him! taller than Little J! He came out with a new phrase this weekend too: "Get your hands off of me!" he was being naughty at the time, so I had to try not to laugh at him.

My cousin, the soon-to-be physics doctorate, also stopped by on Saturday evening. It was kewl to see him, i hadn't in a while. He was in the area for the Homecoming football game at our (yes, we went to the same college) alma mater. The Ravens won, as opposed to Little Sister's team :) I learned something new about my cousin: he watches anime. I never would have thought, that my little cousin with no sense of humor (not really!) would grow up liking Japanese cartoons.

On the knitting front, I made it to the knitting group at the library on Thursday, and managed to start my Christmas knitting. Two of the 3 kids have Christmas stockings, and I need to make one for LittleG, too. It's started, and if I can find enough time, maybe I'll make ones for BigJ and I, too. We'll see.

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Crystal said...

Oh cute! Rylan is saying "I don't have time for that" usually in regards to brushing his teeth or getting dressed and "no problem". It is too funny. Glad you got to the knitting group.