Monday, November 30, 2009

Trip report

Well, this weekend we got back safe and sound from our Thanksgiving trip. I don't look forward to the holidays (not everyone knows that, but it's true. Too much stress for me to enjoy thanksgiving and Christmas.) but this was a fun trip.

LittleSister had the wednesday off before Thanksgiving, so Tuesday after she was out of school (not immediately, we never are that organized) we drove to Wichita to visit my side of the family. My OtherSister's friend kindly offered to let us stay at his new house (Thank you Joey!) which Little J enjoyed very much. The house is still decorated in "college student", including two different game systems, and Joey was nice enough to play with Little J.

The next day (wednesday) we spent time with OtherSister, visited the farm, home to many dogs (okay, only 2) and cats, and had a nice dinner with OtherSister, Joey, UncleA, UncleE, and AuntD. People are spread out more these days, so it's harder to see everyone at the same time, and it was nice to eat with everybody.

Thanksgiving morning we left for Tulsa (we tried to leave by 7, actually left at 7:30, so we did pretty good for us) to spend with my sister-in-law (what should i call her? I don't think she would like me to put either of her names up, i don't really think she would care, she's fairly relaxed about things like that) my sister-in-law J.P. and her in-laws. (I don't know when her anniversary is. hmm...) I had met her guy's parents before, during the Thanksgiving before last, but I hadn't met the rest of the family. Everyone was really nice (am I using "nice" too much?), and I hope no one minded that i spent a large part of the time lurking with the children in the living room. The kitchen had both a cooking stove, and a wood cooking stove, and it was too hot to spend much time in there. I really love the wood cooking stove, but it wouldn't work for our family. Little kids aren't the best idea around that sort of thing, and I'm not organized enough to cook on a wood stove.

J.P. had found out that I have a blog (i think i listed it on my facebook page) and she told her husband, and he told his relatives, so they were asking me about my knitting. Sorta embarrassing, since I haven't blogged about knitting in quite a while. But I was wearing one of my knitting items, so i could prove that yes, i really do knit.*

The turkey was wonderful, and the mob of kids was nice enough to play with Little J (Little G was a bit overwhelmed and wanted to stay by mommy), and it was really a good thanksgiving dinner.

Friday we visited the Tulsa Zoo with J.P. and her family. Fun! It was a warm day, and frankly, I was surprised that the zoo wasn't mobbed with people. We saw a lot of the indoor exhibits (the rainforest would have been more fun if I hadn't been wearing a heavy coat :D ) and walked around a lot. When we left at lunch time, we did lunch at a Braum's restaurant. My favorite! I don't know if J.P. and Guy believed me when I said it was one of my favorite places, but it is. The burgers are wonderful, the fries are thick and crinkle cut so they stay hot, and the ice cream is Grrreat! But, they don't have Braum's in our neck of the world, we're too far north. So sad :(

I forgot a camera, but J.P. was taking pictures on Friday. I hope I can get pictures, some of those should be cute. Both Little J and Little G decided that they LOVE their big cousin, and they preferred to hold his hand over mine. I don't know if he appreciated it, but he was holding their hands. Pretty nice for a highschool senior, no?

*I really am knitting these days. I've knitted a hat for LittleG, crocheted a hat and booties for her little doll, and I'm working on LittleG's christmas stocking. I just don't have any pictures of them right now. And have I mentioned the swifter covers that I need to put buttons on?

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Crystal said...

Aww sounds fun! It must be nice being so much closer to your family. 8)