Sunday, February 07, 2010

baby hat

My other sister was visiting for the weekend, and she brought along baby clothes that my mother had saved. Most of it was too little for my little girl, but tucked into a little box, was this crocheted hat. It's adorable! It's a headband that ties under the chin, with a pony tail made up of curly strands and pompoms. We'll see how often I can put it on Little G this winter :D

Looking through all of the clothes and baby blankets, we decided to save some of the baby blankets, and some of the handmade baby clothes. Of the blankets, some are crocheted, by my mother and grandmother, and there are two cross-stitched and quilted blankets.
Other sister also had some old pictures that she had found among our parents things. The ones of my Aunt Vera and Uncle Emmit, i knew existed somewhere (well, hoped that they still existed), but I hadn't seen them in a very long time. Hmmm...i should ask her if she can make copies of those for me.

Right now, I'm watching the superbowl, for the comercials, mostly. And writing, and knitting. I've reached the arms on my Zelda sweater (yay me!), let's see how much I can do during this game. Go Colts!

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