Thursday, February 16, 2012

FO and WIP (or, knitting abbreviations are fun!)

First, the finished object (FO). I finished up on Little J's mittens. I wound up frogging (not abbreviation, but definitely a knitting term) and re-knitting the palm of the mittens two or three times, to make sure that I would have enough black for both mittens. The yarn is leftovers from the sweater I'm making for the boy.

Little J didn't want me to take a picture of him, so, he's hiding behind his new mittens.

The first work-in-progress (WIP) is Little J's stripey sweater. Body and sleeves are knitted, sleeves and shoulder seams are sewn together, now I need to sew the sleeves into the body, and knit the collar. Yay!

And, for a WIP that I have a picture of:

I'm starting on a pair of mittens for me. It's the Heather's Mittens pattern from SpillyJane, done in two knitpicks fingering weight yarns. It's hard to see right now, but there will be three-leaved clovers steming up the mittens. For a minute,I was horrifided that I would need to rip all of these stitches out and start over, because I had this idea to do a mitten thumb with a gusset, but after thinking on it, I decided to do the thumb as written in the pattern. What a relief! I was so happy, I knit three more rows yesterday! I'm knitting the colorwork with a strand of yarn in each hand, and while it requires co-ordination and good lighting, it is oddly hypnotic. Perhaps because it does require concentration, I have no attention left for anything going on around me.

Oh, other WIPs? I don't know...poor Clessidra is languishing again, and I really need to finish up Big J's companion cube before he has to leave.

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