Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Today, we have pictures:

First, this is the dishcloth I recieved in the DishRagTag box today. Laura tied it up so that it looks like a butterfly. Thank you Laura! And it's in green, too, my favorite color :)

Second, here we have the stuff I'm mailing off tomorrow in the box. The washcloth (it took one Knitting Night, and one day of knitting to finish.) which is much brighter than it looks in this photo (I've got to learn to take better photos. Sigh. that means better lighting.). I did it from the pattern from the ball band, also found in Mason-Dixon Knitting. The yarn, in greens (What!? I like green!) and the goodies that are going in the box for Becky.

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Holly Bee said...

I love (LOVE!!) the wash cloths! I just need to suck it up and make one, or a dozen. It's just soo cute! Good job :)