Saturday, September 06, 2008

knitting happiness

can you believe, I couldn't fall asleep last night because I was thinking of knitting. Really! I couldn't get out of bed, because the baby was asleep next to me (and she's fallen off the bed several times already, so I can not leave her on the bed. asleep or no.) so, i grabbed my handy ddandy cell phone and called Big J in the other room.

"Dearest, can you look at a webpage for me?
"Sure, what is it?"
"It's a knitting pattern, google for '' and 'sheldon', and that should bring it up."
", issue winter 2006....Sheldon the Turtle??"
"Yes, that's it. Can you print it off for me?"

and then he started reading off gobbledygook. I thought it was some sort of computer code, until I realized he was reading knitting directions, letter by letter! Try it, and see how wierd it sounds:

[Kfb] in each st. 12 sts.K all sts. [Kfb, k1] twice, [kfb] twice, [k1, kfb] twice, k2. 18 sts.all sts.[Kfb, k2] six times. 24 sts.

That's the first 5 rounds of sheldon. :)

My other happiness yesterday, was imaging how I could store my yarn/fabric stash. Grumperina had pictures of IKEA shelves on her blog, with glass doors...I'd prefer to have barrister bookcases, so that I could rearrange the stacks. And slide out drawers to keep my fabric in..that is a very happy thought.

Oh, now I remember my other knitting thought. I just recieved a stroller organizer from Amazon, and I realized that the water bottle pockets were just the right size to hold a ball of sock yarn! How serendipitous is that?

Rhonda, I'm not sure which of Cat Bordhi's socks I'm going to make, but I'm leaning toward Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks, because I want to try that slipped stitch. As soon as I actually decide, I'll put the project up on ravelry.

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Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

What a husband! My non-knitting husband once told me that he has a favourite knitting book! "YOU WHAT?" I exclaimed and he laughed and pointed to Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting without tears" - he liked the title.