Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Knitting since I do't know when....

Did I post about the Ravelry Olympics already? I'm not sure..I entered two events, a WIP and a shawl. Due to small children occupying a large amount of my awake time, I didn't finish either projects by the closing ceremonies of the olympics (They had some way cool stuff at the closing ceremonies, didn't they?) but on Monday I finished up the shawl. Yay! It's a pi shawl, (over to the left. That's Baby G with her favorite new chew toy/shawl) made of Merino Stripes yarn from Crystal Palace yarns. I need to block it out - hopefully it will stretch from baby blanket size out to adult shawl size. Hmm...considering that blocking will involve lots and lots of pins, I'll need to do it without the small children around.

The WIP, a Baby Surprise Jacket, is going back into hibernation. I ran out of yarn for it. Im undecided between looking for more yarn (Anyone have Noro Kujaku? It's discontinued :( ) or frogging it.

Let's see...current project is a little boy sock. I'm making him ones that match the ones I made last winter. For little socks, they are taking a long time to finish.

I put in a KnitPicks order today. the next project I need to start is a little cardigan for Little G, from Debbie Bliss, and I think the DK superwash will work just right. I also ordered yarn to make Sheldon the Turtle (The boy put in a request) annnnd I ordered a pair of the new Harmony straight needles. I can't wait to try them!

And, I'm going to start a pair of socks from Cat Bordhi's book, as soon as I finish the Little boy socks. I can't wait! those patterns are amazing!

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Rhonda said...

You'll have to blog about the Harmony needles! I saw them and melted!! I am seriously thinking about ordering a set if they are as spectacular as the double pointed needles!

Baby G is soooooo cute!!

What pair of Cat's socks are you going to do? I bought Cat's book last month and the totally neat construction just about fried my brain. I haven't decided for sure on which one....