Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dish Rag Tag 2008

The box for my team (Magic 8) arrived on my doorstep yesterday. What a nice surprise! I stayed up late knitting away at the dishcloth (which was a sweet design, and I think I have it memorized. Although, next time I might try altering it a little bit), and this morning it went in the mail again. We're not first, but we're not last, either.

I have pictures of our box:

First, a picture of the box, unopened, sitting on my table.

Here's a lot of little pictures, that show off the sides of the box, and the little notes that my teammates wrote on the box. I had to carefully take off some of the labels and tape so that I could read it all.

And this was what was inside the box. The all-important dishcloth, in a yellow/white/orange, a ball of dishcloth cotton in pink/purple/white, a pretty note from E., a little tin of Burt's Bees Hand Salve (hubby's already tried it out) and a nice needle case (the fabric makes me think of peacocks. and paisley. i really like it).

And here, is the dishcloth that I made to send on. The yarn made interesting slanted stripes across the dishcloth. I also made a little seed stitch mini-dishcloth, to tuck in the box as a treat.

Now, back to knitting on the little girl's jacket. Oh well, at least she'll be able to wear it in the spring.

Cami, I read your comments. I'll be in soon, I promise!

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