Sunday, October 05, 2008


Baby Girl has her first tooth! Guess how i found that out?, the story's not that funny. We were out to lunch, and when she was chewing on my finger, I could feel the sharp little toothiness. I STILL can't see it, but it's definitely there

I told a friend, and her first comment was, "I guess she's not nursing anymore!" Huh? No, don't worry, my baby girl still needs mama's milk. A baby that's actively nursing can't use her teeth for biting. Now, when a baby isn't really nursing, just playing...that's the time to watch out for biting.

I have one FO and one new WIP, and no pictures of either of them. The FO is a Japanese pattern that C. from my knitting group let me borrow. When C. went to Walt Disney world, she found two japanese knitting books, with a lot of cute patterns in it. The one I made, is a hat, with traditional Fair isle (Scandanavian?) snowflakes on it. I did it in green and creme Cascade 220. I love it! And I probably have enough yarn to make another, although I'll probably reverse the colors....

The WIP is Debbie Bliss's Little Bud cardigan. It's going to be very cute...but I'm not sure about all the dangling ends. Know any good sites for how to finish intarsia?


TopHat said...

My babe's had teeth for over a month and we're still breastfeeding like pros! Good for you for not stopping with teeth!

Jamisyn said...

First tooth, good and bad, eh? I didn't make it to group yesterday, did you go? Would love to see your hat. Sorry, no advise on intarsia!