Sunday, March 29, 2009

On the road again

Anybody know of a group with two turquoise tour buses, with license plates out of Johnson County Kansas, that was in Illinois on Saturday? They passed me on the highway, and they were really booking it. DEFINITELY going faster than the speed limit for large vehicles.

On Friday when we were packing, I was doing a quick repair job with superglue, and the tube burst all over me, and all over the counter. I didn't get stuck to anything, and I used fingernail-polish-remover to get most of it off the counter, but I'll need to pick up some acetone to take the tagends off. I hope!

What are we doing this weekend? i can't remember if I told the blog that we're traveling for Little Sister's spring break. Yep, we travelled from OldBurg, to NewVille, and we're going to be house hunting and visiting relatives. What fun! we get to explore and be as curious as we like.

The kiddos had a great time at AuntR's and UncleD's. They had new toys, and people to talk to, and tv to watch...but why is it that anytime we visit anyone, at least one thing is broken? Yep, I feel badly about it :(

Tonight, and the next couple of days, we're staying at a B&B in NewVille. It's a little 2bedroom house that we have to ourselves, and its very very nice. (even with the goldfish crackers all over the floor) I'm hoping that the kiddos will fall asleep early tonight, and I'll get a chance to knit.

Of course I brought knitting along! I have the Little Flower Jacket, that I'd like to finish for Easter (2 weeks left, i know), the watermelon socks, and a ball of laceweight I'd like to start. Unfortunately, since I'm doing the driving (24hrs total on this trip between locations) i don't get to knit while driving.

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Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

Hmmm... that driving needs a wee bit of replanning. Can't you take over the navigation role and knit for 24 hours? Have a great continued trip. :)