Friday, August 07, 2009

getting ready for school

First,I've actually had to get the kiddos registered at their new schools. Little Sister (who is starting highschool! EeeK!) is not quite done yet, but (keep your fingers crossed!) should be ready by the time school starts. Little J is all set with his preschool, where he's going three days a week. I've ordered lunch boxes for both of them (hmm...wonder if I should have ordered ones for me and Little G, too?) and I'm looking into other ways (i just looked at who wrote that article. Betz White, a crafty author I've liked since I saw here cupcake pincushions.) to wrap up food.

Now I need to actually get food for them to take along...and we have at least one clothes shopping trip in the next week. It's amazing, how much clothes a teen girl can go through. At least she doesn't insist on the most fashionable (e.g. expensive) outfits.

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