Saturday, September 18, 2010

the car quest continues

We're getting closer. WIth the exception of Chrysler, we've looked at all the auto brands that we're interested in, and we've even taken a few for a test drive. (Today was a really long day. I truly do not like talking to auto salesman(and why are they all men??))

We know what we want. The most important part is room for 3 carseats, Little Sister and Big J and I all at the same time. That means 3 rows of seats, really. Then, there needs to be room for my Gallant dog, even if only with the seats folded up(down. depending.). We really want a rear view camera, too, because we're both paranoid about backing accidents and small children. With all that considered, the subjective factors are how easy it is for me to reach the rear-most seats(so I can unbuckle people's carseats) and how comfortable Big J and I are with the car.

The top runners are the Honda Pilot and Odyssey. I like driving the Pilot better, but the Odyssey has more room and a better interior layout. and the Odyssey minivan tends to be less expensive than the Pilot. We'll probably have a used one, whichever we finally pick out. (we're still keeping an open mind as regards Chrysler. But the other selections haven't been attractive for us.)

Oh, and while Big J and I were running around to car dealerships today, I knitted an inch on a new sock! yay me :D

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