Thursday, September 16, 2010

last minute supper

After an unsuccessful grocery shopping expedition (amazing how much it cost), I was busily searching for something to make for supper. Something that people might like, and that used ingredients that I already have. On one of my favorite recipe blogs, had an interesting recipe for Sweet & Sour chicken, and that's what we had for supper!

It includes bell peppers, pineapple, and an interesting cornstarch coating on the chicken. My family's opinion ranged from: "Better than take-out!", to "Let's not have it again". Big J doesn't like the sour stuff (i actually didn't know this, although, that explains why he doesn't like tomatoes, too), Little J thought it was slimy ;) I liked the taste a lot, but the cornstarch was irritating my throat...i really should avoid the stuff.

Off to knitting night! bye!

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