Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well, it's definitely summer!

With 95-100 degree days every day, yep, it's defintely summer. And, we're getting school supplies (it's a little early, but WalMart still has them in stock at this point), so that's another good argument in favor of summer.

While I was wandering around WalMart, waiting for the tire department to tell me they couldn't fix my tire, I found this:

Very squidy, no? I snapped a pic to share with a group on ravelry. We're doing a steampunk swap, and it seems that to some, octopi are very steampunk. Maybe it's because of Jules Verne? i dunna. Hopefully, i can get my knitting and other projects done for this swap...i need to sit down and write out exactly what I'm sending. I'm a little scared, as there's only a bit more than a month yet...we shall see.

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