Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dish Rag Tag IV

hmm....i'll have to see later if the little progress meter shows up. 'Cause it's in the html, i swear...Once again, I'm doing Dish Rag Tag. Yay! There's something about the idea of knitting as a relay race that is just crazy and fun. I'll probably be calling myself crazy, when it's time to knit the actual dishcloth, but oh well!

and on another note, I'll have to start checking the moderated comments more frequently. Thanks y'all for your comments on Little J's first day at school :)

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kathy b said...

HI fellow DRT knitter. Im trying to visit all the blogs Emily listed on the PEOPLE part of her DRT information.
I loved knitting this years dishcloth, or dishrag as I say. I was afraid the pattern would be way hard ,but no!