Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I found a new spicy food

That's a bowl of pork bibbimbap. At the restaurant1 that has Vicky's favorite noodles (japchae), I usually get the beef bibbimbap, but I was being wild and crazy today...The thing is, that rice isn't really brown. It should be red. It turns out, the pork meat is covered in a spicy red pepper sauce, and in this hot bowl full of rice and veggies, which gets all mixed up, the pepper gets everywhere.
It's definitely proof that I'm able to tolerate spicier foods than before we moved here. Okay, it took a plate of pickled radishes2, a bowl of cold vinegar soup, and two cups of water, but I ate it!

1 Yujin Katusa Snack Bar, on Yongsan South Post

In the Korean grocery store, they're called "mat pickles". The kids don't like them, and Jay only takes some to be polite, so they're mine, all Mine! muhahaha!

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