Monday, June 18, 2007

Updates on Life

Father's Day: The first thing we did was to see Fantastic Four at the movie theater. Big J wanted to see this, and it was really good...Big J grumbled about Galactus(in the comic book, Galactus was small enough to walk on the earth) but I think it made more sense to show it as larger than our planet. Little J was good thru the whooole movie (he really likes popcorn) so I watched the entire movie. WooHoo!

Our DVD player had broken a couple weeks ago, so we went over to the electronics store, to pick out a new one. I was insisting on a DVD recorder, and we brought home one from Insignia, a brand I hadn't heard of before. Oh, and a stack of anime DVDs. :D Let's see, there's the boxed set of Boogiepop Phantom (Big J's pick), boxed set of NeonGenesis Evangelion(My pick, but Big J wants to see it too) and Volume One of Ah My Goddess 2.

We went for ice cream after our shopping exp edition, and then home to watch some of our DVD haul.

Knitting: The dvd we watched when we collapsed at home was the Ah my Goddess. Guess what the Goddess Belldandy does in episode 2? She knits a sweater!! Is that not cool? a goddess, knitting. What I saw, in the short little scenes where she was actually knitting, was a sweater, knit from the bottom up, knit in the round on loong dpns, with intarsia (argyle style) diamonds around the chest. It was k-nifty!

I had posted at some point (i think) that I was running short on the blue Koigu for my Hogwart Socks. Well, yes, I've finally ran out of the blue. And, I have another 3 1/2 inches to go on the sock. Pbththth! I've ordered 2 more skeins from online places (2 different dye lots) so, hopefully, one of the new skeins will match. They should get here sometime this week. These are closer to Dobbie socks than I wanted...the pattern is slightly different on the feet, and now with the yarn...oh well. These are details only knitters will notice, thank heavens.

And, I finally gave in to the alpaca. I had to, I couldn't work on my Hogwart's Sock! That's such lovely loverly stuff. I wound three of the skeins into a ball (only a little bit of weedy material in it, a very tiny bit) and started a swatch on my size 8 circ. I've only got 24" ones, no 16", so, my swatch is thirty stitches, and slideing it over at the end of the row, to simulate knitting in the round. I really like this yarn...

Haircuts: This could have partially been included on Father's Day. Sunday, Little J got his first real haircut. I'd trimmed it before, but, yesterday, he had an appointment, and everything. He did really really well. The salon was very kid-centric, had a playground and slide in the waiting room, fun little chairs (racecars, carousel ponies) and TV's for the kiddos to watch while they're hair was being cut. The stylist put in an elmo tape, and Jaiden was hypnotized. The only time he moved was when the stylist sprayed his head with water. Otherwise, he was absolutely still. Wonderful child. And so cute, now that I can see his big blue eyes.

My cat Princess also had a haircut. Her appointment was today, however, instead of Father's Day. She's a medium hair fluffy cat, and hasn't been doing to well at keeping her fur untangled. Her body, poor thing, was covered with mats, and she was all over itchy. Now, she's got all that matted fur shaved off, and she feels like a plushie toy. Very cute, especially when she lays down and you can see her little pink tummy.

I'm still waiting for my new camera cord, so no pictures yet. Hopefully, that too will arrive this weekend, and then I'll be able to put some up.

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hey, lady! So, I'm going through the profiles and see your name... yay! we're both doing dishrag tag. how weird is that? And I just saw myself quoted on another blog... I'm having the best evening of blog reading *ever* Hope to see you Tuesday! Cami