Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hoosier Hills Fiber Fest:

Big J, Little J and I went over to Franklin for the fiber fest...and I was going to have pics of some stuff (and my goodies) but I can't find the camera cord! Darn it! I can't upload the pics without that cord. Let's just hope that i didn't leave it in St. Louis.

The weekend was okay. I decided very definitely that I am getting too old to sleep on floors (When traveling, I want Little J to sleep with me, and if we're on the floor, he can't roll off, can he?). I kept having bony points on my body getting squashed into the floor. Even through a thick rug and a fluffy sleeping bag. It makes me tired for the entire day. Phthth. It was nice seeing my aunt, Grandma, and my other sister, and I'm glad we were all together.

I did forget something over the weekend. On the way to St. Louis, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel to eat, and I forgot Little J's blankie there. I think I can be forgiven, that was right after I'd spilled orange juice all over myself. Tomorrow, I need to check with the credit card company to figure out where that restaurant was (all I know is it's in Illinois), call them, and see if they can mail me the blankie.

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