Sunday, July 01, 2007

Gardening :)

Gardening is one of those things that make me happy. just, happy. Even when there's weeds, and the bugs are eating my potato plants, it still is calming to go out to my garden. Or, when I need calming, pulling up weeds by the roots definitely helps!

I did need it this evening. Big J and I played a game of Dungeons and Dragons (he was the game master, and I was the only character) and unfortunately, my character died fighting the horrible monster. :( I don't like it when my characters die. I'm attached to them, and I absolutely hate it that that is the end of their short little lives. It makes me very grumpy too. Then, I did some fast decluttering to the house. It's been accumulating things for weeks, that I've been too tired, lazy, something to pick up. It's good to see the living and dining rooms neat and clutter free, but the cleaning process makes me tired and cranky, too.

So, I went to the garden. I put more peat moss around my potato plants (hilling up dirt wouldn't have worked. Trust me. Peat moss works). I watered everything. I spent about 30 minutes pulling weeds out of my garden. Now, there's the grass in between rows! Grass is an improvement, I think. Over the tall prickly weeds with stickery seeds. Oh, and there are dandelions left, too. Little ones. I think they're cute.

And then, I ooo-ed over my zinnas that are blooming. I petted the sunflowers, that are getting very very close to blooming. I examined my bean plants, looking for beans (there are some, but, they're teeny. 1/2 inch long, and almost microscopic.) I discovered that one of my bell pepper plants has a pepper on it! Yay! It's big enough to eat as a green pepper, but I'm going to wait until it turns red. The other pepper has little peppers started, too. My volunteer squash plant in the compost pile has two baby squashes forming. They look like acorn squashes. sorta. Let's see...I brought home baby broccoli headlets, basil, chives, parsley, and a bit of oregano. And there's still home-grown lettuce in the fridge for salads.

I love my garden! and what's really cool, is all the little sparrows have stopped eating my broccoli, because on the other side of the community gardens, there's sweet corn ripening for them to eat. :}

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