Sunday, July 08, 2007

We're baaack! It was a good trip, we had fun, all of us. We played games and spent money at Origins. Lots of fun :D I even got some knitting in. A very nice lady showed me how to do entrelac, so I'm about half done on an entrelac dishcloth (It sounds silly, but the dishcloth cotton was the only yarn I had along that I was willing to do a practice project with). Another nice woman (with cute green hair) showed me a little of tatting with a shuttle. I tried it long ago, got frustrated, and switched to needle tatting. Now, I think it might go better if I had a real person to show me how to do it.

I also got about 12" on the sleeve of my alpaca sweater finished. I didn't work on that in the convention, but I did have about three hours knitting time each way (6 alltogether) while I was riding in the car.

Dragonfly, are you going to GenCon? We're going to be there too. Big J says that since we live so close, it's an absolute rule that we attend. (It's his childhood dream to attend GenCon, and we go every year we can. We even went to GenCon Anaheim for our honeymoon. What can I say?)

I got back, and my swappee for the Hogwart's Sock Swap, A.J., had received her package! Yay! She writes about it on her blog, here. After I mailed it, I realized I had forgotten to take any pictures, and forgotten to write a letter to go in with the goodies. So, go look at my socks on her page. go, go, go look, then come back. The socks did turn out to be Dobbie socks. *Blush* it's not too noticeable, and probably only another knitter could tell. Dobbie tried, but he just dosen't understand why we would want two socks the same.


Dragonfly said...

Nope, I will not be at GenCon. "Fun" money is being spent to visit sister in California this year and while I could maybe afford to get to GenCon, I couldn't afford to actually spend anything there. When GenCon was still in Milwaukee I went once. (I didn't get introduced to gaming until late and after a couple years of doing it every Friday night, divorce happened and now I don't do at all) Lots of my friends are going though!

5penny said...

i went, i see'd. they're beautiful socks, you're quite the swapper what with all the goodies!

Rhonda said...

Just stopping in to say Howdy and to be envious over your socks!

camillaknits said...

Marie, are you there? Hello? Is this still a blog... anyone? (just trying to goad you on, camera cord or no.) *wink* Cami