Friday, September 21, 2007

Grocery shopping isn't for cowards!

We spent an hour grocery shopping. When I can get everyone to help, I try to make an expedition of shopping, and get at least two weeks worth of supplies at a time. At least. When I was more organized, I could get a month's worth of groceries, not including fresh fruit and veggies. The whole organization bit...means I have to sit down, write out menus (for the month, or for a couple of weeks) and do a complete shopping list. That takes time, but when I do, it does save us a lot of money. Some of it is that we save because we don't eat out as often, but a lot of it is because I know what I can buy in bulk, and I can plan to use left-overs, so we don't have to buy as many groceries. Also, I like to shop at the Army commissary in Indianapolis, and they have really good prices on meat.

Shopping could have taken longer. At the end, Little J was being held by his daddy, and screaming, and that really encouraged me to hurry up and get done. Poor Little J had had a very short nap, and was in no mood to shop. We still finished with one full grocery cart. Very full. Overflowing, almost.

Usually, we shop like this, and I come home exhausted, and with my feet and legs killing me. Today, well, I was exhausted, but that was from the hour and a half stuck in traffic on the way home. (it should have taken half an hour...) And my feet didn't hurt! Yay! I just got new sneakers, and, I LOVE my Ryka's. They're designed for a woman's feet, instead of being based off of a man's, and they are wonderful! These are the first new pair of sneakers I've gotten since I was pregnant with Little J (2 1/2 years)...hmm...maybe that's why my feet were hurting...

Tomorrow, the circus!

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AJ said...

You are right. I went to JoAnn's and bought some Leather needles and some Universal needles. I tried the leather ones last night and they work great! :) Thanks!