Saturday, September 01, 2007

When I was nineteen...

Inspired by a conversation I overheard during lunch at Denny's. A woman, who didn't seem very satisfied with her current life, was having a discussion with a philosiphical good-ol-boy who tended to go off on tangents, about what their nineteen year-old selves would have thought about what they were like today.

When I was nineteen...I think I would have liked the today-me. Yeah, I haven't gotten all my goals accomplished, but, sometimes life hands you curve balls, y'know?

However! Back then, I did have this idea that I would have a career, and kids, complete with a nanny to take care of the kidlets. By the time I was thirty, of course. The important part, and oh-so-relevant to tonight, is that I never ever ever envisioned poopy diapers. Or poopy clothes, when the poopy diaper falls off/explodes. Or, trying to clean off the poopy child before we pop him in the bathtub to get clean. How did I NOT think of this stuff?? I'm the oldest of 4 kids, fer gosh sakes. I had changed enough diapers, even before I started highschool. silly me...

Little J overdosed on apples today. We visited a pick-your-own orchard, and he had so much fun. He ran up and down the rows of trees, under the trees, pulled apples off, and he's been nibbling on apples all day. Which is a good thing, but, it led to a very stinky diaper. I think a lot of those chunks of apple he gnawed on passed right thru his digestive system. Ick. He was a very good boy - after his diaper fell off (!) he came and told me he was stinky. Now his daddy's giving him a bath in lots and lots of bubbles.

I wonder what my nineteen-year old self would have thought about this? hmm...probably that it isn't any worse than taking care of bottle-fed calves and lambies.

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