Friday, September 14, 2007

Socks for loved ones

This is the first sock I've knit for Little J. (i never made booties for him...couldn't find a pattern I liked, and the first try at improvising was VERY discouraging.) It's knit in Opal sock yarn, and is just a basic pattern. The sock does have some problems (short row heel did something funky, and it's about 1/2 inch longer than it should be...) but Little J loved it when I grabbed his foot to try it on. So, I'll stick it in a drawer until his foot grows some more.
Darling husband seems to think that it will take me forever to finish the second sock. I'm thinking, I'll have the second one done by Monday. We have 8 hrs of driving over the weekend, and if I can convince Big J to do most of the driving (he usually does) I should be able to finish a little boy sock in that amount of time.
We're going along with Big J to Columbus, Ohio. He needs to go for a work-related event, and we're tagging along. We may take in the Zoo there, or maybe just hang out. We'll see. I'll have the Little J sock to work on, I'm taking along sock yarn for a pair for me (I'm thinking the 'Back to Basics' pattern from the newest Knitty), and I'm going to take along the alpaca sweater, too.

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Crystal said...

Darling! I love how the yarn worked on this, it looks like clouds. You know it won't be long and they will fit. 8)