Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Little J's so talented

Well. I should definitely post more often. I came here to check, and I had pages and pages worth of comments from some crazy illiterate ANONYMOUS person. gibberish. religious babble. and not very well interesting, at that.

I deleted it, so, sorry! I don't have examples to show you. Really, I wouldn't want to expose anyone, even accidentally, to that insane garbage.

What I intended to post tonight, was this:

Little J has a new skill! He can undo the lids on water bottles, even on ones where I tightened the lids on them. Look out world, here comes the super kid!

1 comment:

Silver Phoenix said...

*snicker* Congratulations on the super genius child! Sounds like he'll be a lot of fun once he gets to chemistry class! :-)