Thursday, May 08, 2008

out and about with the small ones

This week has seemed really busy. I'm not sure why, but it's felt like go - go - go. (not a go-go dancer, don't be silly :P )

Today we (me and the kidlets) went with our local La Leche League group to a playdate at a nursing home. The kidlets get to play with other kids, and the residents get to watch/ talk with/ hold the kids. There were two other little boys there today, and they and Little Jay played pretty well together. As well as little boys can behave, as a matter of fact. I took my surprise knitting along, but I didn't work on it. I

Then we came home and I had an appointment with a visitor at home. A coordinator for the 1st Steps program, a goverenment program for early childhood develomental issues, came by to get some stuff signed. I'm having Little J in this program, so that he can get some help with his speech. He's a smart little boy, but his speech isn't as understandable as it should be for his age. He's been accepted into the program, so I hope he can start speech therapy soon.

Let's see...on Wednesday, I had to deliver a pie to the middle school before 9am. (Big J delivered it for me. Isn't he nice?) then, we went to the library for a little while. Tuesday, we went shopping for groceries, Little Sister had a band concert that evening, and I made the pie after the band concert. Monday, i know that there was knitting at Panera's...hmm...wasn't there something else? Oh yes. Monday I drove to the airport to pick up Little Sister's airplane tickets for her trip to Kansas this summer. It's a 30 minute drive to the airport.

And I haven't knit much, which always contributes to my stress level. (or rather, knitting decreases my stress level, so it's good to do in stressful times.) I've almost finished with a baby bib, yay! then I can use the needles that's on to start the Baby Surprise Jacket. I've did a few rows of my surprise project. No, I'm not telling what it is (not until it's done, and given away), but, I'm practicing my combination knitting on it. My purling is much faster with the combination knitting. I like learning new things :)

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TopHat said...

It does sound busy- at least you're not ever going to be bored!