Saturday, September 28, 2013

Flower girl

Isn't Little V a cutie? She was helping me collect seeds from 4 o'clock plants that I had spotted a while back. She carefully shook the plants to have the seeds fall on the ground. These are the awesome ones with striped flowers like I had planted when we lived in Kentucky. In fact, those plants acted like perennials, even though the seed company said they were annuals. Maybe because I was lazy in cleaning up the "dead" plants, maybe because the winter was mild enough...I don't know.
So, I have a handful of seeds now, and when we got back, I realized I don't have a good place to plant them. We're on the second floor, but even if I used some of the space in front of our unit, it doesn't get enough sunlight. Too many trees there. I'm planning on having some indoor garden-type plants on our glassed in porch (I hope it doesn't get too hot) but I would only need a few seeds for that, not the entire handful that we collected. I must think about this...


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