Friday, September 20, 2013

Thai in Korea

We lunched at Wang Thai on Itaewon Road today. I don't know about Big J, but my vote was influenced by the English bookstore downstairs from the restaurant. Like almost everyplace on Itaewon, it was expensive (the entire street caters to foreign tourists) but the food was good. I like ordering pad thai at any new Thai restaurants we go to, just to see how different they can be, and this one, makes their version with an orangey tamarind sauce. (My favorite in the states was a place in Louisville. Yum!)
Then, once the tribe had been fed, we went down to What The Book bookstore. It's not huge, but it's a nice size. English books are more expensive because they have to be imported, but the used book section was quite reasonable. Heh, Big J was the first one who wanted to leave, although the kids were a close second. I had to go back to the used sci-fi section at the last minute, because I had picked up a wrong book for the buy 3/get one free sale. What a horrible thing to happen, I should say not!
Little J was all for heading home after that, but I had one more place to stop. Little G has wanted new hair accessories, since we moved here, and I had promised her since before school started that we would find a store with some in it. There's two of the Apportation stores on Itaewon, but we went into the smaller one, because it was on the way back to the base. Little G got to pick out her new hair clip, Little V was bending out of the baby carrier to entertain the shop girls, and I picked some hair ties for me too. And this one, is for Little V....

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