Friday, September 27, 2013

Korean War museum

Last weekend we went to the Korean Museum of War and Peace. (Beware of the popups!) Or, in other words, The War Memorial. It's kinda in the middle of the base, although you have to go out a security gate to get to it. Most of the exhibits are about the Korean War, although right now there is an animal taxidermy display downstairs, and a human body exhibit on the first floor. But, I think our favorite things were wandering around the planes, tank, and boat outside, and looking at the scale models (but still quite big!) of ancient Korean fighting boats.
The picture above is the family on the model of a Korean castle wall. The sign doesn't say, "Do Not Touch", in case you were wondering. If I remember correctly, it said "No Go Up" because the museum did not want people to climb up that green wall in front of the castle display.

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