Wednesday, May 30, 2007

St. Louis Expedition

And now, more on the St. Louis trip. No, not Lewis and Clark ;) no, this if the Little Sister's annual pilgrimage to Kansas. And I know that St. Louis isn't in Kansas. In fact, it's about 8 hours away...

Little Sister and I have an aunt who lives in the St. Louis area. (keep reading...) Our Grandma, and my other little sister (who's taller than me now) came to St Louis on Memorial Day weekend, to visit my aunt and said aunt's new(ish) husband in aunt's new house. Grandma and other Little sister are driving back to Kansas, along with aunt and aunt's husband this coming weekend. In order for Little Sister to spend some time in Kansas this summer, she's going to go to Kansas with other sister and Grandma when they return. Which means, that we need to get her to St. Louis before this weekend. ::deep breath::

And I need directions! I don't even know aunt's new house's address! EEeeeEEeeeee! I feel like running in circles and gibbering. We are planning to leave tomorrow, before noon (hopefully. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good luck) so I had thought that aunt would email me the directions earlier this week...she's had a busy week too. Little Sister called the St. Louis people tonight, and we checked on the missing directions (I was afraid my email was going wonky. Nope, they hadn't been sent yet) and the directions are going to be sent sometime tonight...

So, here's my list of things to do before we leave:

  • Pack clothes for Little J and myself
  • Pack snack foods
  • Print off directions from email.
  • Drop off Gallant doggie at the boarding kennel
  • Finish washing Little Sister's clothes
  • Give landlord rent check
  • and knit to relax, or I'm never getting to sleep tonight.

oh, and wash dishes, sweep the kitchen, scrub out the toilet, make sure I take the camera along...

But, at this point, I think I'm going to be back in time to go to the Fiber Fest this weekend. I'll post again, either tomorrow when I check my email, or on Saturday when I get home.


5penny said...

it sounds so stressful, i hope it all goes/went okay.

thanks for stopping by, i believe you hit the nail on the head in re: my MIL. hehe.

camillaknits said...

oooh, I can't wait to meet you. Planning on hitting the fiber festival Saturday, but the kids may complain, as the one at Putnam Co. fairgrounds was chilly, and miserable, and smelly... I, however, had a great time... three bags full. Looking forward to meeting real knitters soon. Tired of being the only yarn ho I know. Your blog is fun, btw. Thanks for putting it out there. Cami