Friday, January 09, 2009

dream home? only for the ideal person?

I ran across the HGTV Dream Home contest on TV, and, okay, I'll admit, it's my perfect idea of a home. It reminds me a lot of the house my Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Carl had when I was a kid, just better decorated. Reading thru the rules, I came across a zinger...

"[HGTV] reserves the right to conduct a background check on any potential Grand Prize Winner and reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any person based on such background check if [HGTV] determines in its sole discretion that awarding the prize to such potential Grand Prize Winner might reflect negatively on [HGTV] or or any of the Participating Product Sponsors."

Oh boy, are they ever stacking the deck. What would cause it to "reflect negatively"? some one with questionable political views? someone from a white trash background? too many kids? And that doesn't even take into account that anyone connected to any of the sponsors (out to the in-laws) is barred from entering the contest. woah nellie.

I'm entering anyway. I love that house. And I'm going to have Big J enter for it, too :P