Saturday, January 31, 2009

mornings are for crazy people

This morning I had to shovel snow out of the way of the car tires, to take Little Sister to her soccer game this morning at 7:30. grr... if I didn't have to go anywhere, snow would be fine, but I really don't like winter.

Some people do, however:
Little J and Little Sister have been out playing in the snow several times. Usually, she drags him back inside when he's cold and shivering, and bawling because he does NOT want to stop playing.

I haven't taken Little G outside to play in the snow, because I realized I don't have good snow shoes for her. Her shoes are cutie-pie soft baby maryjanes. Terribly-terribly cute, but not good for in the snow. Maybe next year!

I've been knitting on Clessidra stockings, but most of my knitting yesterday was spent fixing a mistake. I didn't actually read the cable chart when I picked up the knitting again, and I stretched out a 12row cable into 14rows...which caused a problem when I reached the starting point for the ankle. So, I unraveled the cable section, and worked in back up, one row at a time. frustrating, but better than ripping the entire sock back to the beginning of the mistake. AND, I was such a good girl that I finished the repair, and had time to a little bit of seed stitch on the ankle panel.

Later today, we're driving to Bloomington for Little Sister's band event. I'm not sure how she'll do, but it's a good opportunity for her to participate in. As long as we're there, we're also going to visit at least one shop. I have my ubiquitous mapquest directions in the car, for both 'Yarns Unlimited' and 'In a Yarn Basket', and we're all set.

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Jamisyn said...

I don't like the snow either. I am no longer young enough to own clothes in which to play in the snow with.

I've been meaning to head some Bloomington yarn'll have to give me a report!