Monday, January 26, 2009

knitting, interrupted

If you remember my list of unfinished objects well, I have another picture of one. And some other pictures, too.

Here's the Baby Surprise Jacket, (that was on the list) with the Little Girl wearing it:

And here are more pics, of the two Japanese star hats( 1 and 2 ) that I'm finally done with the second, and a pair of baby mittens that i did from scraps (no thumbs, less time :) ) And did I ever post a pic of my Clapotis Scarf on here?


The next projects up to be worked on are Clessidra stockings, and a simple pair of socks. And I'll post some baby pictures soon, too, I promise! And Cami, I'm so happy about that yarn I could just burst :D


Jamisyn said...

I've been away too long to know that you were moving. When will that be? Love the scarf. I'm knitting one now. What yarn did you use?

Jen said...

Excellent work! Love the contrasting hats! Do yuo know any twins or sibs you can give them to?