Thursday, January 07, 2010

Loops haul

Loops haul
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We drove 300+ miles to visit my sister-in-law, and what did I do? visit a yarn store. What can I say, it relaxes me, and we had some free time. (before the littlest girl started throwing up, that is)

(oh my goodness, Little Sister made an absolutely scrumptioussss apple pie. Golden delicious apples, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ginger, almost perfect pie i must stop slurping it down. And resolve not to sneak it out of the 'frig in the middle of the night.)

back to the yarn store: We visited Loops in Tulsa, OK. It's a wonderful, upscale yarnshop, with a great selection, and lots of room to sit and knit. They have a toy room, that the littlest ones loved. Considering I haven't visited a yarn store in four months, I didn't spend too much, but I certainly could have!

What I came away with, was:
-1 skein Lamb's Pride worsted
-Eucalan grapefruit wool wash
-#5 circular needles
-3 skeins Berrocco Pure Merino
-2 skeins Noro Silk Garden, different colorways

and I have projects planned for all of these yarns. The Lamb's Pride will be a Koolhaus hat for Big J, the Pure Merino will be used with blue PureMerino I already have(from Clementine's) for a sweater for Little J. The Noro is for a Noro striped scarf a la BrooklynTweed. shoot. I just looked at the pattern, and I think i need twice as much noro as i actually have. Must Order more yarn!

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Shea said...

Nice. Wish my Lys had a toy room. That is so freakin' smart.