Wednesday, January 06, 2010

plans for 2010

I've felt guilty (a little bit) about abandoning the blog lately. But the family came down with a flu/cold/general ickiness over the 1st of the year, and I can't manage to blog, or do much of anything, when I'm sick. So, I haven't felt too guilty.

I have a cornucopia of ideas for the blog, and of things that I want to do for the new year. All my yarnie goodies that I have acquired, since Christmas, should be exhibited, and the current knitting projects, too. And the sewing projects, and the gardening plans...

And this year, we'll be more involved in the local LaLecheLegue groups, and visit the local yarn stores (we drove 300 miles, and I visited a LYS. How silly can I be?), maybe I'll finally be part of an FRG(family readiness group, the army Luurves acronyms), more exercise! and see if the little boy would like to start Taekwondo (and maybe his mommy too, we'll see), and maybe I can go dancing with his Daddy...

Hopefully, there aren't too many more blizzards in this winter. I'm tired of being snowed in.

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