Thursday, January 07, 2010

Slipper yarn

Slipper yarn
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I have _plans_ for this yarn. I'm going to squish it, and soak it, and tease it until it all begs for mercy!

yep, I'm going to felt it.

Fiber Trends has a pattern for felted slippers that are sized for the whole family. we usually take off our shoes by the front door (oddly enough, that's not where we come in the house.) And, with Little J at the Montessori preschool, he's accustomed to changing to slippers inside, so, i'd like to start having them wear slippers at home, too.

What's the saying, "A sweater is what a child wears when his mother is cold"? It's so true. I really want to make slippers because my toes are cold, and they are running around in bare feet.

And I did think of how to have multiple pictures via flickr! The bottom picture is of the yarn that Little G picked out.

LittleG slipper yarn

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Crystal said...

Ooh yay! I have some SWS I have been contemplating making slippers or clogs out of. Now I can just let you be the guinea pig. ha ha

PS. Let me know if you ever want to do a virtual Panera group on Monday night and I can take my laptop with me. 8)