Monday, January 18, 2010

reading has caused a temporary interruption in our knitting

The weather is really wierd these days. There's been fog, for the last 3 days. Really dense fog. And almost frozen temperatures. The weather forecasters have been getting their forecasts wrong - they predict that the fog will leave by the afternoon, and it HASN'T. I'm a bit peeved about it. Especially today, when I would be driving to K.C. if there wasn't all this fog... Little Sister broke her glasses (they're quite fixable, but i don't want us to try and break them Worse) and that's the nearest LensCrafter store.

I've been reading older sci-fi lately. I picked up C.S. Lewis' Silent Planet trilogy again, and I think I'm going to read some of his non-fiction, too. I like the trilogy quite a bit, although I find myself speaking in more British-type English and speaking in long, convoluted, multiphrased sentences that challenge the record for the most words per sentence. :D It's good for my brain, some days I am too deeply into the mommie talk of my everyday life, and his prose has jarred the stuck record off of it's normal grove (yes, I'm old enough to remember LPs) .

I should get hardcopy versions of my C.S. Lewis books (yes, I have the Narnia series too. They may be hiding in Little Sister's room) Reading these books have cut into my knitting time (I can knit while reading big hardback books that stay open by themself. It's much more difficult to reading with a floppy paperback that wants to close up.) although Knitting night at the library too has an effect on relieving the Mommy Speak in my mind.

I've been working on a sweater (summerish sweater) for me for the last few weeks, since the holdiays. I really like it, and it's knitting up quickly (taking into consideration all the interuptiosn) , but I've a dilemma. And I can't seem to knit while pondering the dilemma. I have a sweater for Little G, that I started over a year ago, that is almost finished. I have yarn for a sweater for Little J, and a vest for him too. So, do I keep knitting on my sweater (which I would like to have done by March. So my BigJ can see it when he is back home) or do I knit on one of the projects for the little kids? And which one? I really need to decide, so that I can get back to knitting. And this is without taking into consideration the socks for Little G that I am trying to knit by Cat Bordhi's new method (I think her feet are growing over night. That would be one explanation for why I keep needing to start over.)

1-20-10 Finally posted this. Thank goodness, the fog has cleared up occasionally. Maybe we're done with it for awhile?

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