Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pomatomous socks (finished)

Pomatomous socks (finished)
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Whee, finally finished! Those are my feet in the picture, and Little Sister's feet are a little bigger, so I think they should be perfect. Don't they look nice, though? Almost makes me want to make a pair of my own. Except, this pair took me almost 3 months to finish, so, I think I'll finish up with my other projects first. Now that I think about it, I even have a set of socks for my self that I'm working on (Clessidra)

I gave them to Little Sister, and she and Little J agree, they are _wonderful_ socks! I've strictly warned Little Sister that they are not, absolutely not, to be throw in the washing machine. After all my work, I'll even be willing to hand wash them for her.

I loooove this yarn...

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TopHat said...

Congrats on finishing those! I still need to finish my second (or start it...)