Thursday, April 10, 2008

life happens more often than blogging does

Well, not much has been happening lately. Little G's a good little baby, but she does require a lot of attention. I can't type nearly as fast one-handed! On Saturday, she had started getting pimples all over her face. Poor girl! I read of one person whose baby's eczema was due to the mother eating milk, so, I'm avoiding milk for a while to see if we can get her face to clear up. It does seem to be getting better, thank goodness.

Little Sister is knitting a sock. She really wanted to learn how, and using sock weight yarn was frustrating her because it was taking too long. So, we switched to worsted weight wool-ease, and it's been going much faster. Her socks have a twisted stitch ribbing at the top, however, because I didn't realize she was twisting her purl stitches until she got to the heel flap and wanted me to fix some other issues. Remember, it's a design feature, not a mistake. ;) If I don't
encourage her to work on it, she MAY still be working on this first sock when Yarn Harlot visits Indianapolis. I am absolutely going to see her speak, and Stephanie (the Yarn Harlot) always takes lots of pictures of 1st socks, and babies (I'm going to bring Little G along too, of course. Maybe not Little J, hopefully I can have his daddy watch him.)

My knitting hasn't progressed much further. Le sigh. I've knitted maybe 5 more rows on my pomatomous sock, and only a couple rows on the bibs. I'm avoiding Clementine's Dry Goods, too, because I know that I would get more projects. Cami blogged about some gorgeous fabric, that i would love to make into a diaper bag/tote thingie...but do i have anymore time to sew than I do to knit? I don't think so. :( it's very sad...

And i want to plant garden seeds too...there's not enough hours in a day, and I don't have enough hands!


TopHat said...

I have a Pomatomous in the works, too. New babies aren't very conducive to Pomatomous knitting.

Rhonda said...

It sounds like you really have a full plate lately! Hang in there and remember to take time for yourself. We Moms tend to forget that we need to make time for ourselves in order to "replenish the well".
Is the fabric by Amy Butler? Very pretty!!

camillaknits said...

I happen to know that, as soon as she's better, the baby-hog of a shop-keep at Clementine's would love to free up your hands and let you get some sewing done, "in house".
Little J can hang loose in the back room with the rest of the mob. I'll see you in a bit then, k? Be well. C