Monday, April 14, 2008

well, that's one thing done!

Our income taxes are finished! Finally!

yes, Big J and my combined tendency to procrastination meant that we finished up our taxes right before the due date. But, our other tendency to technology means that I don't have to go to the post office - it was all done over the computer. So there, united states postal service.

On Saturday, I had a list of things to do, and Big J had a list of things to do. Of mine, 0 out of 2 were accomplished (i didn't have a great weekend. Oh well. Sunday was a bit better) and on Big J's, the items were install baby latches on the kitchen cabinets (we've meant to do it since we moved in. a year and a half ago. again, can we say 'procrastinate'?) and to do our income taxes. Big J's list did get finished, which is part of the reason mine did not, since my participation was required in his projects. Again, oh well.

And, by my excellent internet skills, I've finished up with the last bit of the taxes today. Yay for me!

And tonight, (if no unforeseen emergencies occur) I'm going to knitting night. I didn't last week, and if I don't get out of the house and talk to some adult females, I'm likely to, something drastic, i'm sure. Cami was very very nice offering to let me sew at her place, and I'll probably take her up on it, but, le sigh, Clementine's isn't open on Monday (I'm not saying you should be, i understand that y'all need to have time off from running the dry goods store, but I'm mourning today's impossibility of running down to franklin on impulse. Today is Monday, isn't it?) vocabulary is becoming erudite. Time to reboot the brain. and take the little boy to the bathroom. bye!

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camillaknits said...

um, not to put the heat on you, but Mandi-Mondays do exist, and I can even be lured into the shop if you're dangling little Miss G as bait! Call the shop when you get a chance and we can set up something, because new little chicas need their stylish diaper totes! Hope eveyone is well (alas, I still suffer from lungs o' crud) C