Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Becoming an LLL leader

I think I'm going to be an La Leche League (LLL) leader. Last December one of the leaders of my local group asked if I would be interested in becoming a leader. I hadn't ever thought of it, it seemed like it was something for women older than me. (Parenthetically, LLL is an organization that is limited to women. Because only women nurse children. Interesting that a biological function can be a valid reason to be exclusive.) I thought about it while we traveled over Christmas. LLL is something that I believe in, and that I can see myself making a difference in. There are different levels of volunteering, so I could be as active as I wanted, but if I stay a leader of a local chapter, LLL can make a huge difference to mothers and nursing babies. It's a good thing! At the next meeting I told my leader yes, I was interested.

So today, I hosted the enrichment meeting for our LLL group. There are several other women who may become leaders, and they and the two current leaders came early to discuss this leadership thing. We discussed leading meetings, and how to handle statements by members that aren't quite (or aren't at all) in agreement with LLL philosophy or policy.

The enrichment meeting was lots of fun. Besides Little J, there were four little boys running around, two babies being held, and one little girl that didn't want to let go of her mommy. The boys dragged out all the toys, giggled gleefully as they ran around in circles, and chased Rama the maschocistic cat around the house. Little J loved having the little boys to play with and watch - there were only a few screams over toys. It was really nice for me, to have other people over, to have people to talk to.

I spent some time talking to one of the women. D was telling me about her new(newish to her?) house, and the garden and mini orchard that's with it. I'm so envious. Apple and cherry and nectarines....yum! I miss Mom's orchard of semi-dwarf trees. When we have a place of our own, I'm going to be planting Blushing Golden Apples. Anyway, D asked if I had been to the Children's Museum. (We have, twice now with the family.) They have a membership that allows guests to come along, and, she said she would call me the next time they went, to see if we would like to go. Thank you D! It was nice of her to offer. Little J likes her kids, and I think I like her. So, we'll see. Maybe this mummy will make friends at the playgroup...

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Anonymous said...

To many women, becoming a LLL Leader is like coming home...finding something that is the perfect fit - something that fills a little empty space in your heart that you didn't even know was empty. I'm sure you're going to love leadership. Good luck and welcome (eventually)...